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Nexsoy® Solvent-Free soy ingredients can be incorporated in food manufacturing applications to provide a variety of functional improvements including increased soy protein content, reduced carbohydrate content, reduced oil absorption in fried foods, improved water uptake and retention, and improved emulsification.

The unique Nexsoy® process is totally solvent-free, yielding a product line that is free of the "soy" taste that some consumers find unpalatable, and has challenged product development personnel for years. Traditionally, most soy ingredients are produced using a chemical solvent called hexane. This method is believed to be responsible for the "grassy" or "beany" flavor that has historically slowed the acceptance soyfoods. The Nexsoy® processing method is entirely mechanical and requires no chemicals such as hexane. This process is responsible for very neutral-tasting naturally-produced soy ingredients that can be used by food manufacturers without negatively impacting the flavor of their product.

Applications for Nexsoy® Low-Fat Soy Flour include:

  • Breads, cookies, crackers, donuts, muffins and general bakery applications
  • Nutritional snack, sport, and meal replacement bars
  • Nutritional beverages
  • Snack foods
  • Processed meat products

Nexsoy® Low-Fat Solvent-Free Soy Flour products are available in the following varieties (click for PDF specification sheet):

  • Nexsoy® Low-Fat Natural - made with conventional soybeans
  • Nexsoy® Low-Fat Non-GMO - made from identity-preserved, certified Non-GMO soybeans
  • Nexsoy® Low-Fat Organic - made from identity-preserved, certified Organic soybeans
  • Nexsoy® Low-Fat High Protein Dispersibility (50 PDI)
  • Nexsoy® Low-Fat Extra High Fiber Soy Flour

Nexsoy® Soy Flours are 100-mesh. Extra fine mesh is also available.

Packaged in 40# bags and industrial totes.

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