Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

RBD Organic, RBD-Winterized Organic, Mid-Oleic and Conventional (Non-GMO)

Nexcel sunflower oil is expeller-pressed without the use of chemical solvents (hexane) and physically refined without the use of refining caustics. The unique expeller process provides the maximum amount of naturally-occurring tocopherols. The oil contains no anti-foaming agents, or chemical preservatives. We are organically certified (QAI), Kosher certified and Non-GMO Project Verified!

High-Oleic Sunflower Oil is perfect for food products requiring extended shelf stability such as snack foods and baked goods. The high oleic acid content of sunflower oil makes it among the most naturally stable oils available that suppresses oxidative rancidity.

Our high-oleic sunflower oil is available as expeller-pressed conventional (Non-GMO) and Organic. Mid-Oleic sunflower oil is offered upon request.

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