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Whatever your application, Nexsoy® has a meat analog that will make your meat or meat-free products taste great!

Nexsoy® Low-Fat textured Soy Proteins (meat analogs) hydrate instantly and absorb nearly 300% of their weight in a variety of liquids. They can be used in formed products such as vegetarian burgers, sausages, and hot dogs and can also act as an emulsifier in processed meat applications to provide cost reduction and improved functionality. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes and in Natural, Non-GMO and Organic versions.

The unique Nexsoy® process is totally solvent-free, yielding a product line that is free of the "soy" taste that some consumers find unpalatable, leaving you free to work on developing your flavor, not masking agents. Traditionally, most soy ingredients are produced using a chemical solvent called hexane. This method is believed to be responsible for the "grassy" or "beany" flavor that has historically slowed the acceptance soyfoods. The Nexsoy® processing method is entirely mechanical and requires no chemicals such as hexane. This process is responsible for very neutral-tasting naturally-produced soy ingredients that can be used by food manufacturers without negatively impacting the flavor of their product.

Applications for Nexsoy® Low-Fat Textured Soy Proteins include:

  • Vegetarian burger, sausage, ground "beef" and chicken products
  • Hot Dogs and other processed meat products
  • As a blending agent/extender in ground beef applications
  • Soups
  • Nutrition bars

Nexsoy® Low-Fat Textured Soy Protein products are available in the following varieties (click for PDF specification sheet):

  • Nexsoy® Low-Fat Natural - made with conventional soybeans
  • Nexsoy® Low-Fat Non-GMO - made from identity-preserved, certified Non-GMO soybeans
  • Nexsoy® Low-Fat Organic - made from identity-preserved, certified Organic soybeans

Nexsoy® Soy Grits are available in the following sizes and colors:

Uncolored Chunk
Caramel Colored Chunk
Uncolored Regular
Caramel Colored Regular

Custom colors and flavors are also available.

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